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Crispy roast pork, also known as "Siew Yoke" is a popular dish that features tender and juicy meat with a crispy, golden-brown skin. "Siew Yoke" has succulent meat and crackling skin, is a culinary masterpiece that satisfies both the carnivorous cravings and the desire for a textural sensation.

Siew Yoke

How crispy roast pork made?

A cut of pork belly with a good balance of meat and fat is chosen. The skin or rind is left intact, and it's essential for achieving the crispy texture. The roast pork is seasoned with a combination of salt, pepper, and other herbs. It is then cooked at a high temperature initially to crisp up the skin, followed by a lower temperature to cook the meat through. To achieve "Siew Yoke" crispy and crackling skin, the heat is increased towards the end of the cooking time. This intense heat causes the skin to blister and become crunchy, while the meat remains tender and succulent.

The Butcher's Table crispy roast pork is served with homemade sweet, tangy Thai garlic dipping sauce. Try The Butcher's Table "Siew Yoke" now!

Roast Pork with sauce