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Holiday Roasts

Honey Baked Ham

Honey Baked Ham

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  • Served cold, may pop in the oven to serve warm if desired. Check below for instructions
  • Fully-cooked, ready to eat Christmas honey baked ham
  • 1kg+-, served with cranberry sauce
  • Keep refrigerated
  • Perfect for grazing tables
  • Can serve sandwiches the following days

What's Included

Cold Honey Baked Ham with cranberry sauce

Serving Size

8-10 pax

Reheat Instruction

4x tablespoon brown sugar
2x tablespoon honey
10x cloves

1. Rub brown sugar over surface of ham
2. Rub honey over surface of ham
3. Insert cloves all over surface of ham.

Pop in the oven
- 130°C 20 minutes
- 160°C 10 minutes
- 200°C 5 minutes
- 220°C 5 minutes
- 250°C 2 minutes

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