Siew Yoke

Mastering the Art of Siew Yoke

When we talk about pork dishes, there's one that truly stands out  — siew yoke! Think crispy roasted golden skin and that tender, well-layered juicy pork belly meat that just melts in your mouth. It has always been a staple for many of us. Whether it's a family dinner, casual get-together or celebration, this culinary masterpiece is guaranteed to steal the show. Trust us, it will have you hooked from the first bite. 

While we have our obsession with other pork recipes, the joy of sinking our teeth into succulent siew yoke, roast pork is just unparalleled. The most satisfying part is surely the crackling, crispy texture. Even the little ones will love.

Siew Yoke

Siew yoke is an absolute classic Cantonese cuisine and widely popular throughout the world. It is one of those nostalgic recipes that will take you on a trip down memory lane. 

So how did our Siew Yoke become a staple?

To begin with, Master Butcher - Mr Ho Kim Loon was a butcher by profession. In 1997, he had the opportunity to operate his own smallgoods retail store in Bangsar along with his wife - Melinda. That was the start of Mr Ho's Fine Foods era. 

Melinda would be giving free samples away to customers and fostering relationships. "It was very daunting but I had to do it", she chuckled. The product sampling worked and swiftly became a hit. Deemed as the mom-approved roast, irresistable snack, perfect festive gift. Super sought-after!

Traditionally, the pork belly is marinated with five-spice herbs and vinegar. But we believe in retaining the orginal flavour. So no secret recipe here, but only using fresh pork belly, rubbed with salt, pepper and houseblend spice. Slow-roast from low to high temperature. Nothing gimmicky, only authentic and honest cooking.

Try the real deal and we dare say you won't stop putting pork on your fork!

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