Collection: Ready to Cook Sausages

Proudly Malaysian made! Malaysia’s Sausage Maker that will never compromise on quality, texture and flavour. Three decades in, expertly crafted with you in mind. 

We know it takes copious amounts of time and effort to prepare a meal. The busier our schedule, the more we gravitate towards an imbalanced diet. If you've never tried making sausage part of your meal at home, perhaps ours will change your mind! Let us debunk the sausage myths.

No mystery meat Natural hog casing High meat content No nitrate added Low in salt, no sugar added Handcrafted in small batches  Time-saving meal solution

Perfect for your morning fry-up or BBQ party!

We want every meat lover to enjoy a great meat-eating experience with us. And if it isn’t good enough for our family, it isn’t good enough for yours!