Collection: Roast Pork "Siew Yoke"

Introducing our show-stopping crispy roast pork, known as 'Siew Yoke,' at The Butcher's Table! 

Crafting the perfect of crispy skin and tender meat in roast pork is an art. The good news is, you don’t have to be a kitchen artist to make it yourself. Instead, you can indulge in the perfect roast pork from The Butcher’s Table. We are pros at making the roast pork right and known for our commitment to freshness and quality.

What sets our roast pork apart? It all begins with selecting only fresh pork belly from local farmers, rejecting frozen alternatives. Slow-roasted over low heat by Mr. Ho, our Master Butcher with over 30 years of experience, every bite of our roast pork attests to the quality.

Imagine sinking your teeth into a slice of succulent pork with a skin so crispy it crackles with every bite, that's how good our roast pork taste. Get ready to experience the perfect roast pork like never before, right here at The Butcher's Table!