Meat Packs

Other than famous western food KL restaurant, The Butcher's Table is also a pork shop that sell fresh meat products. We specialize in various cuts of meat, including steak, beef bacon, pork chop and lamb. We are well known supplier that providing high-quality, fresh meats to customers.

In our shops, you'll find a display counter showcasing our products such as the best steaks in KL, tasty beef bacon, big pork chop and crispy roast pork, healthy homemade sausages KL and more. Customers are allowing to choose the specific cuts and quantities they desire. 

But allow us to introduce one of the popular product to you, which is our "Ultimeat BBQ Pack". It is a combination of 1x Tomapork, 4x Smoked Pancetta, 1x 300g Cheese Ring Sausage, 2x 100g Pork Sausage that subject to flavors. And there will comes with bacon cream sauce for Tomapork and honey mustard for sausages. If you are a foodie and meat lovers, we bet u will love this "Ultimeat BBQ Pack". Faster grab it now!

Ultimeat BBQ Pack

This is because our butchers has extensive knowledge and expertise in meat preparation. Thus, we have the ability to cook and season our products very well. Besides, if you wish to know more secret recipes, our friendly butchers will provide you some suggestions too!