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Christmas Roasts

Cooked & Smoked Gammon Ham

Cooked & Smoked Gammon Ham

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  • Served whole piece uncut, cold, may pop in the oven to serve warm if desired. Check below for instructions
  • Fully-cooked, ready to eat boneless Christmas smoked ham
  • 1.2-1.4kg+-, served with cranberry sauce
  • Keep refrigerated
  • Perfect for grazing tables
  • Can serve sandwiches the following days

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What's Included

Cold Gammon Ham with cranberry sauce

Serving Size

8-10 pax

Reheat Instruction

4x tablespoon brown sugar
2x tablespoon honey
10x cloves

1. Remove skin, score the fat of the gammon with a criss cross pattern using a sharp knife
2. Rub brown sugar over surface of ham
3. Rub honey over surface of ham
4. Insert cloves all over surface of ham.

Pop in the oven
- 130°C 20 minutes
- 160°C 10 minutes
- 200°C 5 minutes
- 220°C 5 minutes
- 250°C 2 minutes

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